Get Yourself ranked first on Google, Bing or Yahoo

seo service in calgary, seo company in calgaryHow to get to your business website on the first page in Google, Bing or Yahoo’s search engine results? Very often I hear business managers ask this question. Today I will explain how we can help you improve your business website ranking.

Assuming your business has a website and all products or services you sell are listed online. We will begin by analyzing your website, what products or services you offer, what details are listed on the website and how your website is coded. Our team of SEO experts will list the all the changes required on the website including the content on the website regarding product or services being offered and ensure the website is SEO enabled.

Once your website is SEO ready, our SEO team of expert will start the work to improve the ranking of your website on search engine results. Our experienced content writers will join SEO experts to speed up the ranking process. Content is very important and we have the team of experienced content writers, who will not only study your product or service but also study your competitors to get the best results. Servercenter SEO consultancy package also includes social media optimization to get you best results.

Traditional Marketing or advertisement methods like Radio, Television, Newspapers or flyers never guarantees a return from advertisement. On another hand, Servercenter SEO Consultancy offers guaranteed results within 60 days. A little investment on Search Engine Optimization can help your business in this struggling economy. Our SEO starter package cost only $300.00 per month, which is considerably less than any other form of advertisement.

Give us a call to discuss SEO Services and how can we help your business increase online sales. If you are looking for SEO service in Calgary, Edmonton or any other part of Canada, we can provide the best SEO experts. Please visit or call 4033516600 for more information.


Advertise/Promote Business in Calgary, SEO Service from ServerCenter


The Calgary economy has been drastically impacted by the recent downturn within the Oil Industry. Recent statistics indicates that 50% of downtown commercial business property is vacant. Downtown business has been impacted due to the loss of potential customer due to large job loss. Businesses outside of the metropolitan area are also experiencing a loss in revenue as more and more people tighten their purse strings.

Business owners and managers are tasked with the job of developing creative ideas to boost sales and entice customers to buy their products and services. During this time, business owners need a find solution that reaches out to the public effectively while still keeping costs to a minimum. SEO Marketing meets these requirements. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective way to promote your business and Return on Investment (ROI) is very high as compared to other forms of advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization works by increasing your website or webpage ranking within search engine results therefore creating more visibility to potential customers looking for similar products and services. The Internet pulls massive audiences online. We can say with confidence that more and more corporations and brands are moving to the internet to gain customers. In addition, social media brings younger and younger members at an unprecedented rate.

People who search for products and services online potentially convert into customers at a rate of up to 15%, compared to outbound sales and marketing which is often as low as 2 – 4%. Online presence and branding is as important for any business as traditional forms of marketing. If your website is not on the first page of search engine results, you are losing 70-80% of traffic. Being on top 3 increases the chances of getting organic traffic.

SEO marketing has a wider audience compared to traditional forms of advertisement like TV, Radio, News Papers or Flyers. You can also get online orders or queries from other cities, province or countries.

We specialize in digital marketing including Calgary SEO Consultancy where we work with your business budget and needs to design a plan that will help you reach out to a large audience while keeping your costs low. Contact us at 4033516600 or visit our website at

Increase Sales & Revenue With SEO


The goal of every business is growth and profit. On one hand, profits can be achieved by reducing expenses.However, real growth must come from increased sales and revenue by simply getting more and more customer through the door. The job of a Sales team or managers is to find a way to achieve this result often through traditional marketing ideas like flyers, advertisement on newspaper, tv and radio etc. Traditional marketing methods cost a lot of money to business and outcome is not that effective anymore. Many sales manager also use social media to advertise their business, which in turn cost a lot less compared to traditional marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another form of marketing neglected by business managers. SEO have many advantages over traditional marketing methods. Firstly, the cost of SEO marketing is minimal compared to traditional methods and more effective then targeting social media  audiences. SEO focuses on interested customers searching for a specific type of product instead of targeting random people in social media. With SEO,  a men’s clothing store can target keywords that represent their business to achieve higher ranking in search engine results.

At Servercenter, we help businesses enhance their presence on the internet so that they can target right audience interested in their product right now. Having a ranking within the top 5 search engine results attracts 70-80% more online traffic as compared to websites which are on 2nd page of search results.

To know more about SEO and how can it help your business, give us a call or visit our website service in Calgary). We guarantee results with our SEO consultancy, within 60 days we will deliver what we promise.

SEO Services in Calgary, Canada


Internet users are increasing day by day, more and more users are depending on the internet for searching for products and services before they buy or place an order for it. Google is the most popular search engine, followed by Bing and Yahoo. 70% of the users do not even look beyond first 4 to 5 search results. If your business website is not in top 4-5, you are missing most of the online traffic. Just having a business website is not good enough if it is not being seen by potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website google or other search engines, so that search engines can find your WebPages. This will help significantly increase visitors to your website. SEO will increase the number of visitors to your business website. Your website will start appearing in search engine results which bring more and more organic traffic to your website.

SEO also creates trust. If your website is on the top of search engine results, users view your website as more reliable and more confident in approaching your business. As more and more internet users end up on your websites, your inbound organic leads will go up, which will end up increasing sales for you.

Compared to other forms of advertisement such as flyers, social media, newspaper, magazine, Radio or TV, SEO is the most cost-effective in the market. With another form of advertisement, you cannot keep track of how many users you reached but with help of Google Webmaster and Analytics, you can keep track of every single user you have attracted to your website.

For more information regarding Calgary SEO services or how can we help your business increase your sales visit our website or give us a call at 4033516600.

SEO Consultancy – Get Top Ranking in Google


Almost 80% of Internet Users never scroll past the first page, websites with top 1,2 and 3 position on search engine result receive substantially more traffic than websites which are down the page.

Our SEO team with effective strategies will be able to get your business website ranked high on search engines result. Organic traffic has better conversion rate even when compared with paid traffic. SEO is very cost effective as compared to other forms of advertising methods.

Internet users are increasing day by day, most and more users are searching on the internet before making a purchase. For businesses, it is very-very important to hire a good SEO consultant and stay on top of your competition.

Call us today at 4033516600 to discuss how can we help you to increase organic traffic and have a presence on the first page of search engine result or even how can we bring your website to top 3 search engine results.

Three Things to Ensure Your Website Is SEO Friendly


Your business website has no value unless that is optimized for the search engines. While the optimizing is done, the portal will be seen by most of the users and your traffic will naturally go up. Whether you are portraying an e-commerce website or a general dynamic website showing your company profile, SEO is mandatory for it. Now, there are three things that will ensure your portal’s SEO. Unless you have the three things, you can pay a lot to the SEO company in Calgary, but all efforts will go in vain. Learn the three things and imply that in your portal.

Mobile Responsive
The primary thing that you must check out is the responsiveness of your website. Your website must be mobile responsive. Most of the webmaster tools are active now to keep the websites that are not responsive out on the first-page search. To understand that your portal is mobile responsive, watch whether there is any horizontal scrolling in your site or not.

Control Panel Access
The next thing to be watched is your Control panel with administrating support. Unless there is any C-panel with you, SEO cannot be done, after several efforts. So check that out before you place the order for any SEO services in Calgary.

Choosing Keywords
Finally, make sure that your keywords and meta titles are properly chosen to explain your business sector. For example, one person will not like to click to go to a portal, dedicated to garment shopping, while he is searching for electronic goods. Your keywords will be understood by the webmaster. So, make the understanding clear to them.

Why choose Renowned Web hosting companies

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Your business website needs a host at this moment. There are different ways to find that support, but which one to access – this is where you are in a dilemma. To be very clear, there are two broad options before you – the Web Hosting Company in Calgary and the available online web hosting sites. Most of the time, you go for the second option. However, there are some of the obligations in that case, which you often overlook. Check out the obligations and then make your decision, where to go – online portals or hosting companies.

Some of the online portals will give you a high-inducement, but most of them will not. Hence, you are keeping your business under uncertainty while choosing them for the service.

Choose Templates
Templates are also plenty with some of the portals, but still, you will have to remain confined with the available options. Why will you confine your business from the unique looks and designs?

Cost involved
You can get the packages at low cost from aform of the portals, but while emails are needed, or e-commerce support is needed, you will find that the prices are going to drasticallyhigher.

SEO Help
Finally, your business website needs SEO support to establish itself in the web market – themajority of the portals will not provide the essential features for you.

Considering the above things, you will find that the Web Hosting Services in Calgary provided by the companies will give you a perfect solution in each case – Cheap support, SEO help, unique templates and even high-end up-time. So, it’s up to you now about your decision.